Cities & Data Sharing — Part 2: Seattle

Part 2: Seattle Transport Collaborative

  • Neutral & Independent Governance: UW functions as a ‘neutral’ steward that acts as a trusted intermediary between Seattle DOT, MSPs and the public. This also includes ingesting, processing and analyzing data for research purposes. As an intermediary, UW’s primary role is to ensure data is unlocked and shared responsibly in a way that aligns to privacy policies
  • Multi-stakeholder Collaboration: The Data Collaborative keeps an open channel of communication with MSPs and cities to form dynamic agreements while balancing stakeholder interests and privacy. This builds trust and confidence necessary for effective Public-Private Partnerships and incentivizes data sharing.
  • Technical Innovation & Privacy Preserving Measures: TDC adopts a number of measures like Synthetic data generation, which can protect detailed location data from being re-identified. These measures also enable MSPs to maintain privacy over proprietary data and encourages these companies to share data.

Data Sharing

TDC centralizes data within a repository “trust” and enables access based on stakeholder requirements and guidelines


  1. What is the potential for scale with the Transport Data Collaborative model?
  2. On what basis can data rights and protection extended by TDCs governance structure be grounded in a legal framework?



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